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It is very important that you read this entire introduction before proceeding with the program! Please do not use the program until you read this page...

What Does It Mean To Write For Cash?

People all around the globe are making money right now. They’re making it from their computer. They’re making it from their laptop. And they’re making money from their tablet or iPad.

They’re working from their living room. They’re working from their kitchen table and home office. They’re working at the coffee shop, in the park, at the beach and on the patio in their back yard.

They’re making money doing something they love to do.

They’re making money writing.

What are they writing about?

Well, honestly they’re writing about everything you can imagine. They’re writing about everything from plants to high fashion. From cars to celebrities.

The Internet is an Open Opportunity

The internet is a monstrous library with a never ending stream of new information. Everyone, everywhere at any time has access to this amazing library. To keep the library fresh and active it needs new content, new information. It needs writers.

It needs you!

You, if you have a passion for writing, can make money writing online. Now you can also make money writing for offline clients and creating print materials too.

However, it’s important to know that as digital publishing and information become easier to produce and access most companies are turning to the internet to grow and market their business. Most companies are focusing on digital content and using the internet to connect their audience to their business.

It’s a huge and growing opportunity. You can embrace this opportunity and create a write for pay business. And the best part of this plan and what this report is about is that you can create a write for pay business that allows you to write on topics that you love, work with people you like and work from any location that you desire – your kitchen table or the beach, the choice is yours.

Is Writing for Cash Right for You?

Before you start buying a computer and decorating your home office it’s important to take a step back to see if this is the right decision for you. It’s easy to make writing sound glamorous but it is hard work too.

Use this little quiz to help you decide. Check the boxes that apply to you.

____ I am self motivated
____ I rarely, if ever, procrastinate
____ I enjoy working on projects
____ I can take feedback, and criticism, well
____ I enjoy learning about other industries and topics
____ I take pride in my work
____ I am disciplined
____ I enjoy working independently (aka alone)
____ I am able to set boundaries for others (and say no when I need to)
____ I know when to take time for myself
____ I can focus on one task at a time
____ I don’t mind marketing my business and selling my services
____ I can set goals and reach them consistently
____ I can take a project and run with it
____ I can speak up and ask questions when I have them
____ I know how to ask for help (I don’t have to do everything myself)

So, how many did you check?

Don’t worry if you didn’t check too many this first time around, but if you didn't check any, then you might want to reconsider this opportunity.

Throughout this course you’ll learn:

The different types of writing for pay opportunities including, Copywriting, Web content writing, Blogging, Ghost writing, SEO, Press and publicity, and Email/ezine copy.

How to choose your writing specialty

How to think like a business owner

How to create your business website

How to make industry connections

How to build a support system

How to create a home office (even if you don’t have one)

How to take advantage of coaches, mentors and mastermind groups

How to get experience even if you’ve never written before

What you need to get started

How to set up a legitimate business

How to market your business

How to become a credible authority in your industry

How to set your writing rates

How to fill in the gaps in your work schedule

How to earn some passive income

How to build a business that fits your vision

How to Use this Course

This course is designed to help you develop and create your dream writing business.

The path of business ownership and creation is one filled with continuous learning, adaptation, and growth. Like any business, you’ll want to create a goal, a plan to achieve it and a system to evaluate your success.

There are two potential approaches to using this course...

The first is to go through it "cover to cover". Then go back and review and work on the areas where you need the most improvement. Or work on the areas that inspire you.

This is the appropriate approach if you like to read material and think on it before you take action. However, you may want to keep a notebook handy when you’re reading so you can jot down any thoughts or notes.

The second approach is to take action as you work your way through it. For example, if you are inspired and motivated to start working on your first ads then take action on that inspiration.

Of course you can always take a combined approach. Take notes on some items and action on others!

Let’s get started!

Are you ready to move on to the next step?

IF you have READ this entire page, and you UNDERSTAND what it's about, and you're PREPARED according to the checklist above, then you may move on to PART 2. If you have not read this entire page, please go back to the top and read it again now. If you are not prepared, then review checklist again and get everything ready.

THEN proceed to PART 2: Specialties

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