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Welcome To Our FREE Writing Contest!

This writing contest is open to writers of all ages and abilities anywhere in the world! At the end of each contest period, three CASH prizes are awarded.

1st Prize = $100.00
2nd Prize = $50.00
3rd Prize = $25.00

What are the winners saying about our contest?
"...there is nothing like writing for outside competitions that offer real prizes and the opportunity to win a place amongst hundreds of other competitors.

When I saw the advertisement for writingcash.com I decided to enter because their assertion of sincerity and equity for writers appeared credible to me. I believed that they would indeed present writers with a genuine opportunity to compete for a winning place, providing realistic, rather than improbable amounts of prize money.

As a place winner, I can further endorse my statement here, as both notification and prize money for my story were delivered promptly together with a congratulatory letter; very useful for my resume!"

Amanda Burchell
Frankston, Australia

Amanda Burchell
Frankston, Victoria (Australia)

Photo by Peter Hall

"This is my first entry and it's great to win. I must admit I hesitated before I sent my work to WritingCash.com, but then figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I'm glad I did, not for the money (which is nice) but the buzz of recognition and the resulting excitement."

Andrew Lewis
Cardiff, UK

Andrew Lewis
Cardiff, Wales (UK)

What type of writing contest is this?

This is a short story contest. Your story can be fiction or nonfiction, on any topic, and in any genre (with the exception of NO explicit or adult themes). The minimum is 250 words (less than one page) and the maximum is 1,500 words (about five pages). This allows for a diverse range of entries to be written, and encourages participation by writers of all ages, abilities, and styles.

What are the judging criteria?

In other words, what will we look for when we are selecting the winning entries? Your writing will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Originality and creativity
  • Clarity and expression of thought
  • Entertainment value
  • Prose (writing style)

    Syntax, spelling, and punctuation will be considered only to the extent that they add or detract from the other aspects of the writing. Your entry will be viewed independently of your name and contact information, and judged according to the judge's interpretation of the above criteria.

    What is the entry deadline?

    The contest runs four times each year (quarterly). You may enter at any time. In fact, it's best to submit your entry as soon as it's ready because it helps us keep things organized and prepared for the judging round, as well as planning for future contests. The current contest deadline is...

    2006 Contest 2
    Last day to enter: June 30th, 2006

    How and when are the prizes awarded?

    Prizes will be awarded during the month following the deadline for any contest. For example, if the deadline is December 31st, then the prizes would be awarded by the end of January. All prizes will be awarded in US Dollars. Payments are made by check or Paypal. Winning entries will also be published on our website along with the winner's name and home town.

    How do I enter the contest?

    You can enter right now by signing up and submitting your short story for free. If you already have a username and password, you may login using your existing account and submit your story from there.

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